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Aviant Group has experience in a broad range of industries. Below is a brief example of work we have done in various industries.

Life Sciences
Aviant has exceptionally deep experience with life sciences clients. Aviant's experience includes in-depth knowledge regarding implementing systems while complying with the federal regulations surrounding such implementations; notably, 21 CFR part 11.

Created the program management office (PMO) and related related project controls and measurements for a global life sciences client for their SAP impmementation. Aviant provided the hands-on management experience and independence that kept the client's interest first while keeping the system integrator accountable to the project's timeline and budget commitments. This was critical as the client chose to implement several of SAP's finance, sales and distribution and supply chain modules to facilitate its separation from its former parent company within an aggrssive two year timeframe. With Aviant's involvement and hands-on management, this multi-million dollar project was delivered on-time and under budget. The PMO was also responsible for oversight of the large number of projects necessary to develop the entire infrastructure of a $2+ billion dollar company.

Led the development, implementation and deployment of Siebel ePharma in an unprecedented 8 week time-frame for a global life sciences client. Subsequently led an upgrade to that system that included additional interfaces that enabled management to access critical sales information. Developed, implemented and rolled-out Siebel ePharma for Handhelds for the sales force. Became the first site in the world to go live with Siebel Analytics v7. This business intelligence solution enabled senior management to gain valuable insight regarding things such as why the top sales reps were selling more effectively.

Led the implementation of Oracle 11i for a major publishing and media client. The project delivered a complete redesign of the client's exisinting businesses processes within the finance function, including a successful deployment of an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) effort which increased data integrity, eliminated many manually intensive processes, leading to increased productivity gains. This multi-million dollar initiative was completed on-time and under-budget and was coordinated across multiple locations with an enterprise-wide framework model utilizing an external outsourcing arrangement for the client's hardware, network and application support.

Entertainment & Media
Managed a successful project which identified, evaluated, and defined the news and entertainment production cost components for a joint venture (JV) between a MNC software company and a MNC entertainment and and media company. The project included review of the direct and indirect costs incurred to produce and distribute the new JV product. The project delivered cost allocation and assignment procedures for the new JV and provided recommendations for the systematic tracking of these JV costs and the integration points for these data elements.

Led the requirements gathering and vendor selection for a CRM system for the largest cinema advertising company in the US. Assisted in managing the vendors through the selection process and the negotiation of the final software contract. Designed a solution that enabled the client's sales reps to communicate more effectively and more efficiently than they ever had before.

Higher Education
Re-engineered a for-profit higher education client's complete financial aid processes and systems. This project required an extensive analysis and design of the internal legacy systems as well as the integration and validation points with the U.S. Department of Education and third-party student loan provider. The solution included a hybrid solution, combining package and custom applications. The project also included the selection of an offshore development firm and included the management and over-sight of the project's code development standards and the associated progress reviews for the offshore component of the multi-million dollar engagement.

Managed the successful delivery of a new business, from concept to reality, for a client specializing in the delivery of "elite" business school education and collaborative student learning utilizing the Internet. This engagement incorporated all aspects of a business model, from technology to student management to the integration of the back-office requirements. During this engagement Mr. Garrett's efforts guided the client through many critical milestones and iterative design processes. The team managed to balance the business' critical requirements in a constantly evolving and creative environment.

Led a strategy project at a well-respected University to define their position on, and utilization of, the Internet. This engagement required a detailed study and evaluation of the University's existing position on the web, as well as analysis of the competition's position in this space. This project produced a directional roadmap that was presented and approved by the University's board for action and was later deployed with an initial roll-out within the alumni relations area of the University.

Consumer Products
Managed the initial phase of a business requirements and design for a global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for a Fortune 500 consumer products company. The engagement is one of the first for the full e-business suite of Oracle 11i applications and targeted a roll-out to North, Central and South America, as well as, Europe and Asia. The project included the design, development, and deployment of the technology platforms and supporting business processes necessary to support a global services business. The project also included integration into existing internal and external proprietory order management, fulfillment and distribution applications.

Financial Services
Led the vendor evaluation, proof of concept testing, and vendor selection for an identity management project that included identity management, access management, virtual directory server and Unix-Active Directory integration for a major financial services company. The pervasive nature of the solution required involvement of stakeholders from virtually every corner of organization and manage the

Architecture, Construction and Engineering
Aviant successfully implemented Deltek Vision CRM for a major engineering company. Doing so dramatically improved the quality of the client's proposals and the amount of information available to the marketing department for pursuing opportunities. It also made the marketing executives more efficient by reducing the amount of administrative tasks they needed to perform. Under Aviant leadership this project was completed on time and well under budget.

Led a leading drill bit manufacturer through the implementation of lean management business processes and lean manufacturing. These process changes dramatically reduced unnecessary reporting and provided the client with meaningful metrics. Developed a production scheduling system that was so efficient that it enabled the client to eliminate over 20% of labor costs while maintaining the same output.

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