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Who we are
Aviant Group is a management consulting firm working with clients to deliver complex business and technology transformation projects. Our approach addresses business value and a speed-with-purpose mindset for our client's technology initiatives. Our advanced degreed professionals possess significant Big 4 experience, having multiple global technology implementations to their credit. Aviant is headquartered in the Chicago area.

Aviant Group was founded in 2004 by Mark Garrett. Mark has over twenty years of consulting experience in firms ranging from the Big 4 to smaller consulting companies. Mark chose to start Aviant because of his belief in finding and mentoring great people in order to create value for clients. Under Mark's leadership all of the consultants working for Aviant are treated as the indispensable resources they are. This means you can count on low turnover and a consistent style.

Aviant Group was founded on the principle of leveraging our broad experience with external resources for specific technological needs. Rather than staffing a large number of inexperienced consultants or a large number of people with niche experience, Aviant will take responsibility for all of the deliverables and the schedule and find the resources necessary to complete the project on time and under budget. This model enables us to operate with extremely low overhead and pass those saving on to you.

Our Approach - Levers of Impact
Aviant will incorporate all your needs to effectively & efficiently manage your resources. One of our primary goals is to align people, processes, and technology to achieve a balance between the current state and the desired state. After a thorough evaluation of your current resources, processes & technology, we seek to evaluate your needs going forward and, ultimately, blend those two states so that your business can operate at its optimal level. Failure to employ all three levers will result in short-lived results or, worse yet, not meeting the project objectives.

Levers of Impact
  • The business community needs to be actively involved through all phases of the project.
  • Is it easy for our client's customers to do business with them?
  • Are incentives for employees in line with the company strategy?
  • Evaluate processes, methods, and tools against current organization and strategic vision.
  • Identify and address issues where processes and technology are counter-productive for employees and/or customers.
  • Does technology support the people and processes?
  • Is technology an enabler of future strategy?
  • Will current technology plans be a constraint on future growth and expansion?

Areas of Strength
Independence and Objectivity
Proven Implementation Experience Rates Network Relationships

Aviant believes in hiring and retaining the best. All of our consultants have extensive experience in multiple industries. Unlike large consultancies that hire inexperienced people right out of college we believe in finding people who have real world experience and a deep understanding of the complexities of managing projects. Read More

Aviant vs. Other Consultancies

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